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5 reasons why a startup is the move for your next internship.

Whether you’re the type of person to have your 5-year plan charted to a tee or you are unsure of what to do this upcoming fall, every decision and opportunity you make and take gives you momentum for the future. When searching for your next internship or your first entry-level position, here are five reasons why a startup is the move. 

  1. Hands-On.

You need experience. Startups often have a lot of work to do for a smaller team. In order to accelerate their progress, they are more likely to employ new talents who have strong initiatives and a willingness to learn since startup’s thrive on that inspired and motivated energy. By joining a startup team, it is a great way to build your technical expertise and practice job duties. The opportunities in a corporate environment are often a lot less plentiful and limited. As a go-getter, any skill or experience you want, you can get… as long as you ask and do the work! Build your toolkit and experiences in a motivated and hardworking startup environment. 

tldr; startups need a lot of work done, and they are willing to let you do it if you show initiative and effort! Build experience and practice skills in a startup environment.

  1. Try on some hats.

Finance? Computer science? R&D? Maybe you are unsure of what industry/field you want to spend your career in. Startups typically have a smaller team, flexible hierarchical structure, and diverse roles. By joining their team, chances are you won’t be stuck with a rigid work schedule and repetitive tasks. You will have a chance to try out lots of different jobs and shadow other departments if you like. Startups are a lot more inclusive in the opportunities they offer and are willing to let you carve your own path too. 

tldr; startups are fairly flexible in roles and departments so learning about different industries is more accessible.

  1. Learn and Grow.

We can’t promise that the startup life is glorious and all rainbows and sunshine. With every job and opportunity, there will be bad days and rough patches. However, your mistakes and misfortunes can be turned into learning opportunities and chances to grow, especially when a part of a startup. With a culture of hard work and motivation, your co-workers and the environment will surely teach you how to pick yourself up and keep going. Startups are no strangers to roadblocks and obstacles, and learning that early on in your career journey is useful and helpful. 

tldr; misfortunes and mistakes will happen during your career, the startup culture of hard work and persistence is good to learn early on. 

  1. Ownership, hard work, responsibility.

Every individual is integral to a startup team. Everyone knows their own responsibilities and you will quickly learn yours. That being said, every success you have, you will be recognized for it, however the same goes for mistakes. Startups typically are fast-paced and demanding. While some may see this as daunting, the challenge of owning your own workload and responsibilities can be exciting and sparks passion for your work. If you are looking to be productive and make a difference, startups are the place to be. 

tldr; startups can have a  challenging pace and workload, but it’s well-worth it and you can contribute to a company in a big way. 

  1. The company.

The odds that the startup you end up joining becoming a billion dollar unicorn may be slim, but it’s never zero. While the startup may (or more likely may not) become the next Facebook or Apple, the opportunity to work amongst creative, hardworking, driven, and inspired individuals can be very motivating and unique. While a startup may not be your final destination, building a network with trailblazers in new industries, gaining niche and novel expertise, and differentiating yourself will help you stand out from the crowd of applicants. At the end of the day, whether the startup is the unicorn or not, startups are a great way to showcase and grow your own talents in an environment that is innovative and new.

tldr; startups have great people to meet, for future applications helps you stand out from the crowd, grow your talent without becoming stale in their innovative environments

However, there is one problem: finding startup roles is DIFFICULT. Why is that? It’s simple: startups are often newbies to the recruiting process and may not necessarily know how to articulate or advertise their talent needs. In fact, it is oftentimes the case that startup roles are CREATED when the right talent arrives.

So, how can you increase your visibility with startups that are actively recruiting? Enrole’s got you! We’ve been hard at work creating a database of 90+ startups that are actively seeking interns, and we want to help you connect with them! All you need to do is fill out this form, and we will add you to our database and provide your profile to the startups on our platform! Any questions? Shoot an email to aishwarya@enroleapp.com or visit www.enroleapp.com to learn more!

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