Cut your startup's technical recruiting time by 30%

Enrole is a mobile-first application that helps companies hire technical talent through video and artificial intelligence.

Are you a candidate looking for a technical role?

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What does Enrole do?

Our platform makes the startup hiring workflow easier. We help companies understand highly technical candidate profiles and eliminate the back-and-forth in recruiting through one-to-one matching and video-based profiles. 

Neuromatch Insights

Not all resumes are easy to understand. Through Neuromatch, Enrole’s Neural Networks, we provide insights on a candidate that makes it easier to assess and hire technical talent. 

EnroleMe: A 25-Second Video Pitch

 Your profile as a recruiter or a candidate can include a 25-second elevator pitch that gives additional insights on your company or candidate profile that a resume or job description could never convey. 

Tap. Swipe. Connect.

Enrole’s model is easy. With a profile, you can immediately connect with open jobs or candidates looking for a role. Tap on their card to learn more. Swipe to indicate to your interest. Connect using real time messaging.

Enrole for Enterprise

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Enrole?

Enrole is a mobile-first application that helps companies hire technical talent through video and artificial intelligence. 

How does Enrole work?

The model is simple, we show cards that are relevant to your search and you can swipe on them to indicate interest. If you find a party that is also interested in you, you can instantly message through the real-time messaging feature. We also use powerful in-house machine learning to generate meaningful insights for recruiters that they can use to make a decision– even without the full technical background on the job requirements.

What is Neuromatch?

Neuromatch is Enrole’s in-house machine learning system. Trained on thousands of data points, we can map jobs and candidate profiles to 30,000 dimensional shapes that allow the system to understand relationships between technical terms and what they actually mean for you. Check out the Enrole Platform page for more details.

Does EnroleMe actually help my profile?

Yes! We found that profiles that include a 25-second “pitch video” or EnroleMe perform better and are more likely to attract the eyes of recruiters.

I'm a founder and I need candidates. Can Enrole help?

Absolutely. Download the platform and get started by setting up your startup’s profile. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

I'm a candidate and I need a job. How can Enrole get me a job?

Sure thing! Enrole specializes in this. Download our application and setup a profile in a few simple steps. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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